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BEACHES Movie Is A Story With Twists & Turns And Human Connections


Released on DVD May 9, 2017

Relive the powerful story of lifelong friendship in an all-new remake of the classic movie.


The cast, the performance, the musical score of the contemporary BEACHES remake will leave you pondering and reflecting on the importance of – or not – human connections.

Two different women with opposite lifestyles will embark on a lifelong journey of friendship and connection.

Idina Menzel ( Frozen, Enchanted, Rent) who plays CC in the movie, and who is known for her iconic songs from the original movie such as “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “The Glory of Love,” and “Last Time,” will showcase her side of an actress on a big screen. She stars opposite the NAACP Image Award Winner Nia Long (The Best Man Holiday, Big Momma’s House, Friday), who plays Hillary, the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer.

Life’s trials and tribulations will bring these two women together on the path that will unite them and allow to live lives of their own making.

You will also see these awesome actors in the movie: Gabriella Pizzolo, Grace Capeless, Jodi Capeless, Sanai Victoria, and Antonio Cupo.

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