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Good-Bye to American Idol with Kelly Clarkson’s Piece by Piece #PopcornTV

Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite and dearly treasured performers. Watching her progress through the very first American Idol fifteen years ago was memorable. Cheering with her when she became the First American Idol was unforgettable.

Kelly-Clarkson-American-Idol first winner

Photo: Entertainment

It is no brainer that Kelly Clarkson made her performing appearance at the final season of American Idol. Bringing the audience and the judges to tears shows to us all that she connects during each and every one of her songs with the souls of those who listen. We hear her heart’s ache; we watch her fight for her firm standing in life; we embrace her for her courage to the things never done before. Kelly Clarkson is my idol as a human being, as a mother, as a uniquely-gifted performer who takes her passion, her profession sincerely.

This Piece by Piece performance is no exception. Have a quiet moment for yourself while listening to what she has to say with the musical language of this powerful song. Have a moment of reflection of your life. Find your inspiration and gratitude in the day you live now.