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Qantas Safety Video Brings Yet Another Twist Into Airline’s Safety Demo

Have you noticed one very common thing these days in a plane cabin?

Before the beginning of any flight, the passengers are sitting through the safety instruction video or demo by the flight attendants. Looking around really brings a pale smile of sadness: barely anybody watching.

That probably forced the airlines like DELTA – and now QANTAS – to change what they do with their safety routine presentation.

It is important to refresh safety actions for each and every passenger, yet do it in a way that is grabbing attention and envolving person’s feelings and emotions. When we feel and experience emotions – we remember better!

Australian Airline QANTAS has done a beautiful job in creating a get-to-know Australia into with the safety elements each passenger has to be familiar with during the flight.

From seeing all the beautiful places in the video, I would love to make Australia my next travel destination.

Just put aside what you are doing right now and enjoy watching this video.