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Want A Thriller To Climax Your Summer? INCONCEIVABLE From Lionsgate Does It.


A Thriller that Fascinates & Bewilders

Arrives on Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital August 29, 2017

INCONCEIVABLE, Lionsgate Movie

Without spoiling the plot of the movie which you are going to love, if you are that kind of a person who doesn’t mind sitting on the edge with half breath being taken away. Inconceivable has some secrets to reveal, but it will happen when you watch the movie.

This story is well-written and produced by the same crew who worked on Heist, Lone Survivor, and 2 Guns.

The cast is an excellent choice to showcase their talent in a different genre – a thriller – with Nicolas Cage (National Treasure franchise, Leaving Las Vegas), Faye Dunaway ( Network, Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown), Gina Gershon (Face/Off, Bound, P.S. I Love You), Nicky Whelan (The Wedding Ringer, Hall Pass), Natalie Eva Marie (TV’s “Total Divas” and “WWE Smackdown!”) contributing their unique flavor and behavior to each of the characters.

When a family befriends a single mother and asks her to live in their home as a nanny, they did not see any red flags why that should not happen. Eventually that nanny becomes their surrogate mother. That’s a turning point – at least visible to everyone – when strange behavior starts to materialize in a very vivid form and shape. Trust, fear, love and relationships are being tested. Human soul is being tested to the max.

It’s a cool movie to watch at night, with your favorite foods and drinks served. After the movie, it would make more sense to check out special features with cast, crew and directors.


  • Commentary with Filmmaker Jonathan Baker
  • “Behind the Scenes of Inconceivable” Featurette
  • Deleted Scene
  • Cast/Crew Interviews
  • Trailer Gallery

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