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Alpha And Omega Journey To Bear Kingdom

Alpha and Omega-Journey to Bear Kingdom DVD

Unforgettable Animal Adventure Sequel Released

May 9, 2017

On DVD, Digital HD and On Demand

Alpha and Omega-Journey to Bear Kingdom DVD

We want our children to draw on the best what is out there in the world. We give the tools, teach them lessons, encourage to utilize the learned experiences and knowledge in their daily lives.  Alpha And Omega: Journey To Bear Kingdom is one of my best loved animated series produced by Lionsgate.

The wolf pups Stinky, Runt, and Claudette create a learning channel in diverse situations. Like in this DVD collection, Queen Bear and Princess Canue are coming to visit. Obviously, there are some hostile elements who just don’t think being good to your guests is a moral obligation among all cultures.

When Rogue Wolves create an ominous threat to the royal bears, the wolf pups jump to their feet to change the equilibrium, skewing it towards the goodness of the animal culture.

Stay tuned for more information for the upcoming DVD release and activities for children.